UK extends “no-phyto” rule

The compulsory nature of the phytosanetic certificate for fresh fruits and vegetables sent from the European Union has been postponed until 2022

Britain has agreed Postpone mandatory phytosanetic authentication by 2022 For fresh fruits and vegetables coming from the European Union. Fresh vegetables are, in fact, considered low risk And therefore physical boundary control will only be operational Since March 2022.

Positive impact of decision

The decision was received positively. Meanwhile, because the certificates in question are a fee Which is currently being avoided. Then, because phytosanetic services can have employees Not enough To cover all requests without causing departure delays (Forgetting that the service does not work on Saturdays and Sundays, Ed) Belongs to. Also, for Group shipment (Continuously in the UK) should be loaded from the same platform for the convenience of inspectors – who would normally be present at the time of loading or at least see the truck / container in the warehouse – Stop them moving From one warehouse to another. All aspects will be discussed, in fact, from March 2022.

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