UK and Ireland challenge Italy to host Euro 2028

United Kingdom I Ireland They will be about to abandon plans to host the 2030 World Cup to focus decisively on the Europeans of 2030. This is reported by the official newspaper many times, explaining that both countries would be advised that bidding for FIFA would be too risky. The fear is that a proposal to make room for political agreements moving the World Cup to new territories could be rejected.

Prince William, the current president of the English Football Association, also said he would be reluctant to be the star of a World Cup bid if there were high chances of losing again, following his negative experiences with the campaign. For England in 2018.

so the idea of ​​betting Euro 2028, whose candidature will have to be decided before March. The United Kingdom may challenge Italy for the event, given that the president of the Football Association has long been aiming for a major event with the construction of new stadiums and rest of others to give a new impetus to Italian football. . which already exists.

UEFA, for its part, plans to expand its tournament from 24 to 32 teams for the 2028 edition, and many of those running the governing body would welcome the low-risk event with a guarantee of success. To bring in, especially considering that so much state and infrastructure.

Finally, the second many times The assignment of the “Grand Final” match between European champions, Italy and South American champions Argentina in London in June suggests that there will be no problems for UEFA after clashes ahead of the Euro 2020 final at Wembley. The same Alexander CeferinThe UEFA president said problems would not be a factor in future nominations.

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