UFC Que Choisir. Dangerous pesticides in 50% of fruits and vegetables according to

Pesticides are harmful products. Chemicals that are used in agriculture to control animal and plant pests of crops. Some pesticides are more dangerous than others. Some are even banned in France and Europe. Therefore investigation is necessary. And the consumer union UFC presents a disastrous conclusion made by Que Choisir. our newspaper companions dispatch The essential elements of the Association’s report on the subject were taken up. objeco Notifies you of this alarming observation. First of all note that 50% of the fruits and vegetables of intensive agriculture contain pesticides which are potentially very dangerous to health. chemical products “Carcinogenic, toxic to reproduction or DNA or endocrine disruptors” Specifies the union.

Pesticides are present in 50% of our fruits and vegetables

It is an alarm that should not be taken lightly that UFC Que Choisir fired on March 24. By disclosing the results of her study, she is informing consumers so that they can optimize their consumption patterns while taking care of their health. And for good reason, no less than 150 dangerous substances have been found on our fruits and vegetables. However, this study, presented to our colleagues in these frameworks dispatch, based on at least 14,000 health checks. And of course on the fruits and vegetables on sale throughout France. due to which, objeco don’t hide from you that the formula “Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day” loses its appeal. Vegetables and fruits are certainly good for your health, but on condition that they are not covered with pesticides!

Indeed, these toxic products can have dramatic consequences for consumers. Some pesticides can disrupt the body to such an extent that it can cause cancer. Others are reprotoxic, i.e. they will make consumers sterile. Lastly, some pesticides can have terrifying effects on unborn babies. our partners dispatch The case cites an endocrine disruption that has contributed to the development of malformations of the head and brain. Still according to the analyzes presented by UFC Que Choisir, we can find “In more than a quarter of the grapes Analysis (27.4%), pyriproxyfen, strongly suspected of having an endocrine disruptor and have contributed to head deformities More brain seen in Brazil »Can we read?

But if this example is particularly shocking, then the overall conclusion should be just as alarming. Because, Consumers Association’s health control shows that more than 50% of the fruits and vegetables of intensive agriculture contain pesticides that are hazardous to health.

Which are the most contaminated products?

Panic is winning over consumers and it is only natural. Maize objeco You will not be surprised to know that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is essential for health. How then to integrate the study of UFC Que Choisir and continue to eat healthy? for our comrades dispatch Useful and accurate details have been noted. They specifically indicate that the Consumer Union points the finger at cherries and apples as the worst students. In fact, 80% of apple samples tested found traces of pesticides. And in 48% of cases, endocrine disruption. But 92 percent of the cherry samples found are potentially hazardous to health. So these are the two fruits which will have to be chosen more carefully in future.

UFC Que Choisir does not leave the consumers in any bind. The association specifies that fruits and vegetables contain infinitely less pesticides than organic farming. Because of “Prohibition of synthetic pesticides for production mode”, specify our partners. In spite of everything, the No. 1 Association for Consumer Protection and Information regrets this observation. Because, that means, in order to consume fruits and vegetables without pesticides, the French will certainly have to turn to more expensive offers. Another terrible social inequality because it has a direct impact on health.

“As per the recommendations of the National Health Nutrition Program (PNNS) of the Ministry of Health, organic agricultural products are a remedy for consumers, especially the most Sensitive to the effects of these molecules: pregnant women, children and adolescents. ,UFC specifies Que Choisir.

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