UCF professor under investigation for ‘black privilege’ tweets

UCF professor under investigation for 'black privilege' tweets

School officials, a Florida professor who stated “privilege of land” among some controversial articles about race amid national protests related to the death of George Floyd, said they were investigating the messages.

Central Florida University psychology professor and “White Shaping: Bias, Virtue-Signal, and Ignorance Based Bullying”- Students and graduates were assessed by school officials on Thursday after their appointment.

“Being actively anti-racist means racist commenting and facing them” UCF he said on Thursday. “We are aware of the latest personal Twitter posts by Charles Negy, which completely contradicts the values ​​of UCF.”

The statement was reviewing the issue “paying attention to the First Amendment”, officials at the state university in Orlando.

In separate tweets on Wednesday, Negy indicated the “black privilege” in one, while directly comparing African Americans and Asian Americans in another.

“Black privilege is real: Besides declaration. action, special scholarships and objections to the other side, is a privilege to be protected from legitimate criticism ”. “But as a group, they’re missing out on much-needed feedback.”

In another, Negy tweeted: “Sincere question: If Afr. As a group, Americans had the same behavior profile as Asian Americans (on average, academically best performing, highest income, lowest crime etc.). Can we declare ‘systemic racism’ anyway? “

Professor’s tweets were preserved on Thursday afternoon, so users had to request access to view their messages.

Meanwhile, Negy admitted that his views were controversial on Thursday, but insisted that he was protected by the First Amendment, Orlando Sentinel reports.

“This is her potential beauty,” he wrote in an e-mail of the newspaper.

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Negy joined the UCF in 1998 after earning his doctorate from Texas A&M University, by university website. He told Sentinel that he was not sure whether the UCF had launched an official investigation into his duties, but insisted he was not worried about his possible consequences.

“[Administrators know] “Although some of my views are not as popular as some of my views, they should actively protect the free speech of the US Constitution.”

the Negy’n #UCFfirehim hashtag There are over 2,800 people on Twitter signed an online petition To be released from Thursday.

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