Two Mali and a Senegalese violated the ban by sending money to Maliq

#senegal : Senegalese police announced on Saturday that they have arrested and placed in police custody two Malians and a Senegalese for violating West African states’ sanctions against Mali, an attempt to give the country more than 2.6 million euros of land. trying.

Three people were arrested from Friday to Saturday night in Naye village near the border. ,Coming from Dakar, on a RAV4 brand vehicle (when they were trying to reach Mali),Police said in a statement sent to AFP.

,A thorough search of the vehicle revealed three suitcases in its trunk containing an estimated amount of over 1.7 billion FCFA (over 2.6 million euros).,According to the press release.

,When asked about the origin and destination of this amount, he announced that it would come from the receipts of a company established in Bamako and which would be active in the sale of mobile phones and export of gold.,Without further information, added the police.

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three people arrested ,is on his third voyage, with the same amount he had transported by air (earlier, editor’s note). For the time being the use of the land route results in the closure of the airspace between Senegal and Mali following ECOWAS restrictions.,Economic Community of West African States, he said without giving dates.

they were kept ,Under arrest, And with the cooperation of the Customs Administration opened an investigation.

ECOWAS and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) took a battery of vigorous economic and diplomatic measures against Mali on 9 January to approve the junta’s intention to remain in power for several more years. , followed by two puts in August 2020 and again in May 2021.

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He suspended all commercial and financial transactions of member states with Mali with immediate effect, except for consumer products and basic necessities.

He also froze Mali’s assets in ECOWAS’s central banks and commercial banks of member states, and suspended all aid and financial transactions in favor of Mali from the organization’s financing institutions.

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