Twitter Trump deletes ‘racist doll’ video

Twitter Trump deletes 'racist doll' video

Twitter deleted a video that President Trump tweeted “a racist baby” in the attack on CNN’s coverage Thursday.

Social network spokesperson NBC News said The video was removed after the copyright owner complained.

“We respond to valid copyright complaints submitted to us by a copyright owner or their authorized representatives,” said the spokesperson.

Video is more shelved 20 million views before being deleted – an action that Trump allegedly was biased by the social network.

The video depicts a white baby running after a black baby, and in this context, two little boys are playing together.

The Trump video was mocked to look like news images from CNN. “Breaking news: The frightened toddler runs away from the racist baby,” says a fake news poster, making a proposal for the network to take things out of context and then offer a distorted story.

Trump-tweeted video gave the following message: “America is not a problem. There is fake news. “

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended Trump by saying it was clearly a parody.

“CNNnany was noting that CNN regularly brought him out of context,” said McEnany.

excitement added “manipulated media” pay attention to Trump’s tweet before deleting the video. Trump said he faced the double standard and tweeted on Friday morning: “Why are democrats allowed to make fake and fraudulent advertisements. They should be called. “

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