Tunisia expects fifth wave of coronavirus

According to Tunisia’s Health Minister Ali Marabet, there is a fear of a fifth wave of coronavirus in Tunisia.

“Tunisia is not immune to the fifth wave of the spread of the new coronavirus, which is re-appearing strongly around the world through its delta version, and above all, Omicron, which is now the fastest to circulate,” M. Mrabett said in press statements.

The manager expressed regret for noticing the remarkable emergence of the Omicron variant in Tunisia with the detection of a large number of infection cases.

“Our country is well prepared to face this fifth wave, in particular, by accelerating the national vaccination campaign,” Mr. Mrabbet assured, adding that more than six million Tunisians are now completing their anti-vaccination programme. have been -COVID-19 .

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All measures already taken, as well as those considered, are “survivable, although insufficient (…) one would be persuaded that the gestation of obstruction and the use of a third dose of vaccine Welcome are essential factors to hope to slow the spread of this pandemic and face the risks of the new wave that is spreading”, the minister underlined.

Tunisia’s health ministry on Saturday registered 2,817 cases of COVID-19 infection in 24 hours after 16,971 screening tests.

In an epidemiological assessment, the ministry confirms seven additional deaths as a result of COVID-19 during the last 24 hours.

Thus, since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country in March 2020, Tunisia has reported a total of 741,259 confirmed cases and 25,655 deaths.

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Currently, around 387 patients are still hospitalised, with 106 in intensive care and 16 others undergoing artificial respiration.

More than 12.3 million doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Tunisia since March 13, the date of the start of the national vaccination campaign, according to official figures.

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