Tunisia expects a fourth wave of coronavirus in mid-June

Tunisian Health Minister Fauji Mehdi stressed on Monday that Tunisia expects a fourth wave of coronovirus in mid-June, with the infection peaking in August.

Speaking during the parliamentary hearing, the minister clarified that during this period, the total number of deaths due to Kovid-19 is estimated at 4,000.

The positivity rate in Tunisia has reached more than 20%, according to the official, who reported pressure on public hospitals with occupancy rates of 82% intensive care beds and 74% emergency beds. Oxygen.

Mr Mehdi recalled that 3 new cases of contamination by the South African version have been reported in Tunisia, noting that a total of 5 cases of contamination by this strain have been detected in the country so far.

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To deal with this fourth wave, the Ministry of Health is working on strengthening oxygen reserves in hospitals and accelerating the procurement of vaccine supplements.“He said, specifying that 271,932 doses of vaccines”Pfizer“Will be delivered during the month of June, while awaiting delivery of 50,000 doses of the” Sputnik “vaccine and 500,000 doses of the” Synovac “vaccine during the same period.

He said that the Ministry of Health had asked the President of the government to consolidate the budget of government hospitals by one billion dinars (1 euro = 3.32 dinars) and to recruit 1,400 medical and paramedical officers to compensate it. . Shortage of personnel.

Since the start of the national immunization campaign in Tunisia on 13 March and up to the present 30 May, 942,532 people have been vaccinated against coronaviruses, of which 644,138 received the first dose and 298,394 were recalled.

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Tunisia has recorded, since the onset of the epidemic in March 2020, confirmed some 344,688 cases of coronovirus contamination, including 12,623 deaths.

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