Trump wants ‘law and order’ when looters plunder Philadelphia

Trump wants 'law and order' when looters plunder Philadelphia

The protesters ransacked the markets and opened fire on Philadelphia on Sunday and called on President Trump to call the governor of Pennsylvania to call the National Guard.

“Law and Order in Philadelphia NOW!” Trump tweeted. “They are looting shops. Call our Great National Guard as they did last night in Minneapolis (thank you, President Trump). “

News helicopters caught fires out of control due to continued anger due to the death of George Floyd’s police custody in Minneapolis, in downtown City, and many shops in West Philadelphia were searched. WPVI-TV reported.

A video clip shows that the police are chasing looters and another person is attacking the police vehicle.

Authorities closed all the streets in Center City, closed the Ben Franklin bridge, and ordered all businesses in the trendy retail center to close “immediately” in anticipation of 18:00. curfew, Philadelphia Researcher reported.

Philadelphia police said they made 215 arrests in the city on Sunday afternoon, following a night of violent clashes, widespread looting and torch buildings.

“He was very upset about the destruction we saw in Center City last night. While looting the city center, these individuals not only disrespected private businesses, but also sanctified the important message heard in previous peaceful protests. ” Jim Kenney said on Twitter Sunday.

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