Trump says the U.S. does “a very good job” in the coronavirus test

Trump says the U.S. does "a very good job" in the coronavirus test

President Trump said on Monday that the US is doing a “very good job” in coronavirus tests and the outbreak seems worse than in other countries.

In an interview, Trump drew attention in an interview as assistants who said that Trump ordered to slow down a COVID-19 test of the Saturday Tulsa rally.

When Scripps journalist Joe St. George asked if he really ordered a slowdown, the president did not respond directly.

“If it’s slow, frankly, we’re far ahead of ourselves if you want to know the truth. We did a great job, ” Said trump. “Because you’ll find more people every time we go to 25 million tests, then they say, ‘Oh, we have more cases in the United States.’ The reason for our more cases is any other country. “

“Please slow down the test,” Trump said to a rally audience in Oklahoma during the weekend. They test and test.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said the word “rally” is the tongue on the cheek.

The White House coronavirus task force did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. performed the most coronavirus tests and found about 2.3 million infections, contributing to at least 120,000 deaths.

Daily test rate per capita in the U.S. – 55 per 100,000 inhabitants – About four times the rate in BrazilMore than 1 million have the next highest number of infections in the world. However, Russia, which has the third highest number of cases around 600,000, reported that almost twice as many people were tested per person.

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Higher test rates per person in Monday, Australia, Spain and Singapore, according to the data.

Trump also He told Scripps He said he would demand a fifth major coronavirus legislative package that includes more direct controls to stimulate the economy.

“Yes, we – we are,” said Trump, making checks to alert people that Democrats and many Republicans on Capitol Hill supported.

“We will make another incentive package. It will be very good. “It will be very generous,” said Trump. “I think he will have two parties. I think it will be in the next few weeks. “

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