Trump rescheduled June’s ‘disrespect’ to Tulsa rally

Trump’s decision to hold his first campaign rally over the months was met with widespread criticism amid the national explosion following George Floyd’s death of police officers and protests around the country’s police brutality and racial inequality.

“We previously planned our #MAGA Rally on June 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma – a big deal,” Trump said. “Unfortunately, this will fall on the 19th Holiday. Most of my African American friends and supporters have suggested changing the date of this Holiday being respected and suggesting on this important occasion and all of this. Therefore, to fulfill our demands, 20 June I decided to move on Saturday. “

In an interview with Fox News in the early hours of Friday, Trump denied that the rally was planned deliberate in Tulsa, the place of one of the worst persecutions of African Americans in the history of the 19th century, and was considered a “celebration” instead.

“This is an interesting date. That’s why it wasn’t made, but it’s an interesting date. ”

However, given Trump’s history of racist expressions, including his adoption of the birth movement, many saw the upcoming campaign event as a rally call to white supremacists. California Democratic Senate Kamala Harris said the event was a “welcome party” for them.

This story has been updated with additional background information.

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