Trump proposes to make the flag illegal, “don’t be holy”

Protesters burn a flag outside the CNN Center on May 29, in Atlanta, Georgia.
Protesters burned a flag outside the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia on May 29.
Protesters burned a flag outside the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia on May 29. Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images

President Donald Trump, in his statements at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, proposed the adoption of the laws to make flag-making illegal and subjected to demonstrations across the country.

“Tonight, we know the leftist radicals in Portland, Oregon, we smashed a statue of George Washington on the American flag and set the American flag on fire. Democrats! All Democrats! Trump said supporters gathered in a half-filled arena.

“You know, we have to do something, Mr. Senators, we have two big senators, we have to pass laws that will go to jail for a year if you burn the American flag.” Jeep Inhofe and James Lankford. “Jim and James, you know we should do this. You know, they talk about freedom of speech, and I believe in freedom of speech. But disrespect for these holy things. “

In a call to the governors earlier this month, Trump said the Supreme Court Decision should reconsider the flag-burning protection as free speech, calling it “embarrassment.”

“We have a different court, and I think it’s time to review it again. Because when I saw the flags burned – we wanted to scan the flagpoles in Washington and try to burn the flag, but we stopped it,” he said. According to the voice of the call made by CNN, the governors.

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