Trump praises military founding fathers on July 4th

President Trump performed a second night on Saturday to celebrate America’s birthday and praise the first response teams, the army and the country’s hopes.

“Our country is in a very good condition,” said the President, to a listener full of soldiers and medical workers on the Southern Grass of the White House.

“Our soldier has never been this strong,” he said. “Next year will be one of the biggest years we have.”

Trump, very similar to Friday night’s Mount Rushmore speech, praised the country’s Founding Fathers for the anti-police unrest and sculpture instability caused by the police killing George Floyd.

“The patriots who built our country were not bad; they were the heroes who healed the brave work of the Earth beyond measure. Trump roared the fleets of US military aircraft from above.

“If you believe in justice, believe in freedom, believe in peace, you should care about the principles of our organization,” he added.

Trump continued to attack the media, which “labeled opponents yanlış racistly and consistently”.

“We want a clear and loyal defense of American history,” he added, accusing the journalists of “slandering.”

“When you balance these false accusations, you not only slander me; You are not only slandering the American people, but also slander the heroes who have given their lives to America for generations ”.

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels made a long-range transition from Boston and New York to Philadelphia and Baltimore as part of the federal government’s “Salute to America” ​​program before they appeared on the capital of the nation.

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As darkness falls, a 35-minute firework display consisting of more than 10,000 rockets and sparklers.

The US Department of Interior promised that after DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, 300,000 face masks will be ready to be distributed to the audience at the National Mall to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. criticized party plans.

Trump launched his own rhetorical fires on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota on Friday night, launching the Independence Day festivities and famous for what he called the “left cultural revolution” targeting historical figures of America.

“We will not throw our heroes. We will honor them and prove that we will be worthy of their sacrifices. ”

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