Trump moves Tulsa rally to ‘disrespect’ to June 20

President Trump tweeted Oklahoma, scheduled for one day in June, out of “respect” one day late Friday.

The campaign rally, originally planned for the holiday on Friday, June 19, will now be held on Saturday, June 20.

The original date fell on “Juneteenth Holiday”, Trump wrote a series of tweets. “Many of my African American friends and supporters reached out to suggest that we are considering changing the date of this Holiday and considering this important event and everything it represents.”

June 19 marks the day when President Lincoln’s news of signing the Declaration of Salvation reached Texas, the last state where slaves learned their freedom.

The rally’s remarks upset the Democrats because they promised massive crowds during the coronavirus outbreak and were planned in June, as Trump described George nation protesters across the country as “thugs,” “anarchists,” and “indigenous terrorists.”

The place of the rally also disturbs the opponents.

In 1921, Tulsa was the place where gangs of white riots attacked black residents, their homes and businesses in a historical part of the city known as “Black Walls Street”. Hundreds of inhabitants were killed and thousands were left homeless.

President, his campaign Registration of more than 200,000 ticket requests The first rally for the event since the coronavirus pandemic. Fans who attend the event must first sign a disclaimer with full responsibility if they catch the COVID-19.

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In his interview with the Oval Office last month, he told Trump Post that COVID-said he would have seen his rallies as critical for his campaign, saying that if he had blocked the rallies before Election Day on November 19.

“I hope we can get the rallies back before the election. Actually, I think this is very important. ”

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