Trump: Intel Russia-Taliban award not reliable on plot

On Sunday night, President Trump said the reason Russia was not informed about the alleged bail in the Taliban to kill US forces in Afghanistan was because intelligence officials did not find the report reliable.

“Intel has informed me that they do not find this information reliable and therefore do not report it to me or @ VP” President tweeted.

“Probably another fabricated Russia Hoax, perhaps by Fake News @nytimesbooks, wants Republicans to look bad !!!”

Earlier Sunday, the president supported the White House and claimed that he was unaware of the alleged award with Pence.

The New York Times provided information on Friday’s awards and claimed that the president was informed of the situation and met with the White House National Security Council at the end of March.

The report stated that many options have been weighed, including sanctions and a complaint from the diplomatic channel, but the White House has not yet authorized any response.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe released statements stating Saturday that Trump and Pence were not informed.

McEnany’s statement commented, “The New York Times story is wrong, suggests that President Trump has been informed about it.”

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