TousAntiCovid Carnet: certificate, download, user manual

The Tous Anti Kovid application provides certificates during imprisonment and curfew during certain visits. It also points to the nearest Kovid Immunization Centers and allows you to download the test certificate and the vaccination certificate. How to install it? What is the “TousAntiCovid-Carnet” feature? Manual.

[Mis à jour le mardi 20 avril à 12h26] New feature on TousAntiCovid. The French application for detection of contamination with Kovid-19 includes a notebook that allows users to justifyA positive or negative result on a test test Virus (antigenic or PCR) from April 19, but also for free download, if necessary Vaccination certificate in pdf format From 29 April, the Ministry of Health said in a press release issued on 19 April 2021. This new feature “TousAntiCovid-Carnet“And is particularly experienced during flights to Corsica and the French overseas territories. Then, the experiment will be extended to travel to countries in the European Union. Vaccination tests carried out in France with proof of results sheet and proof Will be done. Data Matrix (QR Code) Allowing documents to be authenticated. This will prevent you from submitting wrong test results. A reader application called TousAntiCovid Verif, Will be equipped with authorized entities to examine certificates (airlines, police, customs, etc.), thus being able to read information from TousAntiCovid Carnet. Unveiled on October 22, 2020, application to detect positive coronavirus cases All Anti Kovid Provides new travel certificates (7 pm-6pm) during curfew (in addition to monitoring positive Kovid-19 cases) and during the day for limited departments. It also facilitates processes Vaccination By identifying the vaccination centers closest to your home. How does Tous Anti Kovid work? Wow ? What to use? search.

Tous Anti Kovid is a rich and interactive version of the first application Stopcovid. All Anti Kovid Allows The user who tests positive for COVID-19 immediately warns people that they may become infected during the period of contagion. Only contacts who have downloaded the app before will be notified. “Contacts” are those who, during the preceding days, cross less than one meter, for at least fifteen minutes. The purpose is to allow contact cases to monitor themselves, consult a doctor, isolate themselves where necessary, and thus break the chain of transmission of the virus. Thanks to this new app, the government can no longer allow its users to fill tracing books in restaurants where each customer’s last name, first name, address and telephone number must be mentioned. A barcode can be offered as a replacement for scanning.

According to the Secretary of State for Digital Cedric Hay on March 10, 2021, the Tous Anti Kovid application has been downloaded more than 13.5 million times. More than 100,000 people have been reported as being in contact Prolonged and proximity to a person carrying SARS-CoV-2. “Since the beginning of the second wave of the epidemic, the application has shown that it works and allows its user to be notified as soon as possible of a possible contamination, including a person we do not know. It also allows people to test positive who warn those who are in contact with them as soon as possible that they have become infected. ” Explains the Scientific Council which recommends its use.

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Takettestation is directly integrated into the application. After downloading the Tous Anti Kovid application, go to the bottom of the homepage and click on “your certificate (new)” and then on “new certificate”. There, the user can complete the certificate and click “Generate” at the top. LQR codes are stored in the app. It is also possible to complete the certificate on the website of the Ministry of Interior by clicking on the link in the application.

The Toss Anti Covid application provides vaccination assistance by prompting the user if he is eligible for vaccination and locating the center closest to his home. For this :

  • Open app
  • Click “I am getting vaccinated”.
  • The list of priority people is displayed.
  • Below, enter a postal code to find the nearest vaccination center. Click on the chosen center and choose to call it or make an appointment on the Internet.

This application was first introduced at European level and in which a research project was started Inertia (National Research Institute in Digital Science and Technology) for France. In April 2020, the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (Germany), Ineria teams published with the ROBERT Protocol – ROBT and teams for privacy-preserving proximity tracing, which presented a technical framework of “contact tracing” in agreement with the European. The value and on which the TousAntiCovid was built. The application is Led by inria, Which brings together public organizations, large groups and start-ups, but does not use Apple and Google devices that other countries have subscribed to.

Once installed and activated (function Bluetooth Active and accept notifications), the application sends an alert to users who have recently been in contact with a person who has voluntarily declared positive during a test for coronavirus:

  • 5 minutes less than 1 meter;
  • 15 minutes between 1 and 2 meters
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This is the person who declares himself positive in the application, to warn all TousAntiCovid users that he has met. “When a person tests positive, they receive a bar code with their test result. If they wish, they can use this code to report in the app that they have tested positive,” Specifies the Ministry of Health. Vigilant people are invited to separate themselves from the application and take a screening test. They will be Like all contact persons supported on a priority basis.

User must activate new application manually “All the time when we should be extra cautious: in a restaurant, in a canteen, when we go to a gym, when we attend a professional event, when there is a risk that not everyone will respect other obstacle gestures “ On October 21, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health specifies. Prescribed manual activation makes it possible to “discharge” the smartphone’s battery less. The digital device offers many practical features:

  • An information center State of epidemic in cities In France’s vigilante area, as well as news related to the fight against the epidemic (eg: measures imposed by national and local authorities: curfew, health restrictions, etc.).
  • Access and download 3 types of certificates : Negative test certificate, certificate of recovery from Kovid-19 and vaccination certificate.
  • Access to Kovid screening, Screening centers map With update and wait time information informed by users.
  • Access to MyCovidAdvice Personal advice.
  • Easy access to travel certificate.
  • Access to vaccination centers closest to home.
  • The application is available in stores all countries And translated into 6 languages.

Tous Anti Covid is the application Downloadable from Thursday 22 October On iOS and Android. search “TousAntiCovid” on the Play Store If you have a phone Android Or in app Store If you use one Iphone. You can also Scan QR code With your phone.

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→ If you already have “StopCode”, a simple update is enough, it will be offered to you automatically. Then activate Bluetooth And allow applications to use Bluetooth. By default, apps are updated in the background of your smartphone. If you have an iPhone and you have not authorized the application to do so in “Settings”, then “General”, then “Refresh” in the background.

> Download from Apple Store

> Download on Google Play

“The application is free and you do not need to enter personal information, Underlines the Ministry of Health. If you scan a QR code, verify that the link takes you to the TousAntiCovid government application. “

Installation of the application is not mandatory but recommended.


Ministry of Solidarity and Health, TousAntiCovid answers your questions.

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