Tomb Raider will add timeline to the anime video game

Last January, Netflix announced one of its next special projects was an anime format series inspired by the hit video game saga “Tomb Raider”, which would be developed by production house Powerhouse Animation Studios, which would produce titles such as “Castlevania” and “Masters Of”. Responsible for the series. Cosmos: Revelation”.

It was announced the same year that the “Tomb Raider” franchise celebrates the 25th anniversary of the launch of its first title in 1996, introducing us to the character of Lara Croft following the game’s arrival on PC, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn. With a total of eleven titles in the franchise.

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After Square Enix gained control of the franchise, the development team at Crystal Dynamics was tasked with producing a reboot to trace the origins of Lara Croft as she prepared to become the great archaeologist we know. Huh. The Netflix series will feature Hayley Atwell lending her voice to the character.

Via the franchise’s official cabal on YouTube, series writer and executive producer Tasha Huo offered new details on its development, speculating that it would join the trilogy developed by Crystal Dynamics, showing production development. later the saga until reaching the core of Lara

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“Legendary and Netflix’s Tomb Rider animated series will provide fans like you (and me) around the world some of the first steps toward integrating Tomb Rider timelines as we move through the ‘Survivor Trilogy’ and we step into Lara started following the journey. About that first game,” Huo said in her statement.

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In addition to the Netflix animated series that will feature some of the iconic characters from the original video game saga, a 2018 movie sequel starring Alicia Vikander is currently in development, which will be written and directed by Misha Green.

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