Togo: Fesma, a festival promoting African gastronomy

#Other Countries With sure gestures, Togolese chef Olivia de Souza boils small local delicacies on the occasion of “La Marmite”, the first African gastronomy festival (FEMA) in Togo, the fruits of decades spent behind the stove.

In the kitchen, Ms. de Souza, the godmother of this first version, serves the Togolese version of feijoada, a hearty bean stew from Portugal, before candiing wangash, a Fulani cheese commonly eaten fried in West Africa.

Thanks to this event, which welcomes 15 chefs from across the continent to the capital city of Lomé, Togo seeks to be a showcase for African gastronomy.

The festival can especially count on the presence of the jury of the cooking show “Star Chef” in Africa, Llaina Ravelomanana, one of Madagascar’s best-known chefs, and Cameroonian Christian Abegan.

,We must rethink Pak Africa. Because it’s (about fifty) countries, not one, two or three,Underlines Abegan.

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,Internationally, other countries on other continents are likely to have other images than all these clichés that we put on Pak Africa.,Maharaj continues.

A sentiment shared by Mrs. de Souza that reminds us, for example, that Togolese cuisine is not ,not always spicy” and ,Oily”.

In addition to the chefs, one hundred exhibitors are also present: producers, processors, craftsmen and international partners such as the German collaboration GIZ, which supports agricultural producers in Togo.

At the University of Lomé, where part of the event is held, visitors taste typical dishes from each region of the country.

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Held from May 9 to 15, this edition includes: ,eat local,,

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At a time when the Russian invasion of Ukraine is driving up food prices across the continent, the festival invites you to explore ,new consumption patterns, For example, replacing imported wheat with corn flour.

In Togo, as in many African countries, cuisine is developing on the streets, away from chic restaurants. According to Ms. De Souza, women play a leading role in African gastronomy, selling their dishes there at affordable prices.

women in togo ,are leaders in themselves,She emphasizes. ,Fesma today is this recognition of these women (…) who inspired us to do this work today,

Organizers expect to attract 50,000 visitors.

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