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All channels have a special program running under the acronym “Storming the Capital”: the news channel Welt, while the first featured a documentary political thriller of the same name. The devil isn’t just in the details tonight.

The ARD program “Storming the Capital – The Attack on US Democracy” is an action-packed political thriller with documentary features. The film sheds light on various aspects of one of the most shocking moments in American contemporary history. It was produced in collaboration with HBO, BBC and SWR and will be shown tonight at 10.15pm on Das Erste. It is then available in the ARD Media Library.

ARD and WELT both show “Storm on the Capital”

The news channel Welt is showing a special program to mark the first anniversary this Thursday from 8:05 pm, followed by a documentary at 10:05 pm, which in turn bears the name “Storm on the Capital”. In this case it is a co-production from the United States and Great Britain. US studio boss Stefan Schwarzkopf reports from Washington, while editor-in-chief Jan Philipp Bergerd and Alexander Simone host the special at the World News studio in Berlin.

By the way: this Tuesday a report was also shown on the cultural channel Arte with only a marginally different title “Storm on the Capital” (pictured). The film can still be viewed online.

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