To counter NATO control: Moscow implements new military doctrine

Speaking at a meeting of military leaders of the Union of Russia and Belarus, the Russian Defense Minister reported on NATO activities in the immediate vicinity of the Union’s borders.
He described the military-political situation in the border area as complex. “NATO’s advanced presence near the Union’s borders is strengthening. NATO is improving its military infrastructure and training stocks of weapons, munitions and material resources. Deployment of troops is underway,” the minister indicated. He recalled that the United States had transferred an armored brigade and four multinational tactical battalions to Poland and the Baltic countries. NATO divisions have been formed in Romania, Poland, and Latvia. According to his estimates, the borders of the Union were The number of nearby NATO troops has increased from 25,000 to 40,000.
He said that NATO has increased the flights of its planes near the borders by about a third. “The number of strategic aviation and reconnaissance flights of NATO forces in the areas bordering Russia has increased by 30%,” said the minister. He noted the intensity of exercises conducted in these areas under the auspices of NATO. “Every year more than 30 exercises are conducted near the western borders of the Union of Russia and Belarus. Their scenario is an armed confrontation with Russia. Countries outside the alliance are increasingly involved in these exercises: Georgia, Ukraine, Sweden and Finland. They are happening more and more often in the Baltic Sea, as well as in the Baltic states and Poland ”, said S. Cholgau.
He specified that this behavior of NATO prompted the union of Russia and Belarus to adopt a new military doctrine that would soon be ratified. S Chogou also said that the defense ministries of the two countries had taken stock of their joint activity between 2019 and 2021 and approved an action plan to ensure military security for the period up to 2024. Union Shield is the exercise which will take place in 2023”, he announced.
Confirming the defense minister’s findings, the Russian National Defense Control Center announced on Wednesday that four US Air Force aircraft were intercepted near Russian borders over the Black Sea.

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