TK, how does this UK super-fast scheme work

How does the UK Immunization Scheme work? At least 10 million people have received one dose so far, and by the middle of the month the UK government aims to hit 15 million. This is to say the category of people over 70 years of age and medical-health workers.

It will be over 50 by spring, meaning that 90–99% of the categories are at risk of contracting the most severe or fatal forms of Kovid. The United Kingdom is much more successful than the larger European Union countries because it started earlier, but also because a change in strategy was decided in early January and maximized through the first dose by delaying the administration of the second To reach people. Up to 12 weeks maximum.

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This has brought the country to the countries with the highest rate of vaccination per 100 inhabitants: behind the United Arab Emirates and Israel, in third place with 61.7. Of the 10 million vaccinated, 500 thousand have already received a second dose with a rate of over 400 thousand administrations according to the 7-day average.

By spring, all other categories will move forward, with age less than fifty years and with special deformities. The United Kingdom is currently receiving two vaccine supplements that are already approved by the Authority: Pfizer BioNotech imported from the Pursa plant in Belgium; And Oxford AstraZeneca, which was produced in Great Britain by Oxford Biomedica and Cobra Biologics. Another company, Wockhardt, fills the vials and packs them for end use.

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