Tim Pique becomes the first European to walk on the moon

Tim PK has outlined his ambition to become the first British man to walk on the moon in hopes of securing his second mission into space.

The first UK astronaut to visit the International Space Station (ISS) has revealed that he is “in the frame” to represent the nation on the surface of the moon.

Major Peek said the American pair would probably visit the moon for the first time in plans to return to the satellite by 2000.

But the astronaut is confident that explorers from the European Space Agency will soon follow, and he could be among those flying in the celestial body as part of the Artemis project.

The former Army Major will be in his fifties if he manages to land on the moon in the coming years, which will make him the oldest man of all time on the lunar surface.

After returning to Earth in 2011 after its launch in 2015, the astronaut is hoping to return to space.

“My name is still in the frame and I look forward to a second mission,” he told Headliners Podcast.

He added: “We [Europeans] The moon is very much part of the return program.

“The European Space Agency has developed a service module that will bring the Orion spacecraft back to the moon.

“We probably won’t be back on the first moon of Europeans, there will probably be two Americans, one male and one female.

“But next time, yes. The Europeans will be part of this mission at some point. So who knows.”

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