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Discover the importance of ants in the ecosystem, learn the hidden faces of mushrooms or rivers. Guyana has a rich and unique biodiversity. TI Sciences Mag curates scientific news from Amazon, Guyana, and makes it accessible to 8-12 year olds.

Nurturing the scientific appetite of children ages 8-12 and above, this is the challenge Ti Science Mag has decided to take on. The biodiversity of Guyana is very importantOur department is full of natural resources, it is an open air laboratory.

Many scientists work on a variety of subjects, such as fauna, flora, anthropology, or coast. The magazine dusts off science, making it accessible to as many people as possible, with pictures, games, a comic strip, experiments to be done. With parents or at school.

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Ti Science Mag, a school tool

The magazine can be used by teachers in technology, biology and physics classes. Benefit from the support of TI Sciences Mag, Rectorate And it is distributed to all the schools in the area. Many teachers and psychologists check that the material is suitable for children aged 8-12 years.

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The study by scientists from Labex-Ceba (Center for the Study of Amazonian Biodiversity) constitutes the source of this journal, but it is a complete rewrite work, put in place to make science fun and engaging. Three professionals work together in this laboratory of excellence, to make sense of this Amazonian biodiversity that is all around us. In the menu of the previous issue, search for ants, mushrooms, ash butterfly, or invasive species of fish.

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This magazine is quarterly, and can be accessed by subscription. https://tisciencesmag.com/

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