Thus he achieved worldwide success

As emphasized by Betway, it is enough to take a look at the numbers recorded during 2020 to fully understand, that I UK TV Programs They’re having really extraordinary moments,

We know something about it in Italy as well: in your opinion, where even in our latitudes two very successful drafts were produced such as who wants to be a Millionaire I dancing with the Stars, Apparently in the UK, which has once again proven itself to be one of the world’s most prolific TV production regions, as described by research published in L’Insider.

Programs that have become world icons

Curiosity is valid: How a program that became famous in the United Kingdom turns into a real icon around the world, The process is actually very simple, because when a TV program finds some success in the UK, producers begin the sales phase overseas.

By doing so, other nations have the possibility to incorporate that particular program into their own program, Choose one of two available routes Between adding it while keeping it as it is in the UK, or modifying it to suit the needs and preferences of your audience.

What happened to Office, the US version

There are some programs that have really achieved great success among the masses. The production that stands out from this point of view is definitely The Office US, given that it has risen and maintained the top of the rankings for quite some time: in 2020, Netflix was the most-watched show on the well-known online streaming platform, clocking an impressive 57 billion streaming minutes,

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Other than this, Office US This is a perfect proof of how those constructions that are proposed with adaptation in other countries have been able to achieve incredible success. If the first season, which reworks the original script all the way, brings with it only 6 episodes and produces less results in the United States, The makers’ choice to change the screenplay and adapt it to the tastes and preferences of the stars and stripes has paid dividends and how, In fact, the US version even outperformed the original version in the overall popularity rankings.

Unscripted and reality show boom

It is clear that even some programs that could be classified in the “unscripted” category have achieved very high levels of results. Above is shown by an example strictly Come Dancing, better known in Italy as “Dancing with the Stars”. the numbers they recorded are really impressive, because they are recorded More than 270 seasons in over 50 countries, And the audience at the planetary level? reached the phantasmagoric quota of over 500 million.

How in this particular ranking not to mention the category in which i. is included reality show I talent show, As you can easily guess, we are talking about one of the formats on which most requests are addressed. Suffice it to say that the Got Talent program was sold in 78 international markets, while Dancing With the Stars stalled at 63, without forgetting even Idol and The X Factor, which had a total of 56 sales in those markets.

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a success that soon extended to current drama: Vera and Downtown Abbey’s shows of caliber have reached 250 markets, truly establishing themselves all over the world.

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