Thor: Did the female characters survive the cut scenes in the editing?

Natalie Portman revealed that Ragnarok was cut short during editing.

Scheduled for a French Release July 13 2022, Thor: Love and Thunder Promises to stage Natalie Portman in the skin A heroine who wields a hammer as well as her ex-boyfriend, Thoreau,

” Of Sequence, Planets, Characters and Worlds » deleted

whereas Thor: Love and Thunder Just released in the United States, (it hits theaters July 8) the actress spoke in the column of IndieWire Feather The way the film was conceived and edited, On 6 July, she told the magazine thatA large number of scenes were cut during editing ,

, There are whole sequences, planets, characters and worlds that didn’t end in the movie that were hilarious and amazing and into which we put a lot of time and energy, certainly like the whole team that designed them.

It’s amazing how many great elements there aren’t in the film, considering how many great elements there are already. Usually, we try to find good enough stuff to put in the movie, and there, it overflows. so it was really amazing,[…] Some of these options were correct and some were not. Some of it ended in film, some didn’t. ,

Natalie Portman

Did the scenes with the women survive?

Obviously, our lips burn in front of these revelations. What about the Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson scenes?who play Jane Foster and Valkyrie respectively, must be friends ,

IndieWire Natalie Portman, who enthusiastically replied that she “Would like to see my own spin-off” All material cut during assembly:

“I’d be really happy if we could see it. Because there’s definitely some kind of missing period in the movie. … I guess you don’t necessarily see how they came close [dans le film], so I’ll be open and excited to see it. ,

Despite the enthusiasm of the actress, half-answer It doesn’t feel good to show the potential of the film A true friendship between women write more characters who are not puppets of men, Judgment on 13th July,

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