Thomas Macias said he regretted attending a party. He died the next day from coronavirus

Thomas Macias, 51, went to a barbecue last month near his community on Lake Elsinore, approximately 70 km from Los Angeles.

He began to feel sick shortly after the party. In a family statement, on 20 June, he posted a touching message on Facebook to warn his loved ones about the risks of the virus.

“I went out a few weeks ago … because of my stupidity I endangered my mother, sisters and my family’s health.” “This was a very painful experience. This is not a joke. If you need to go out, wear a mask and try social distance … I hope I will survive with the help of God.”

While a patient, a friend joined the party

Macias worked as a truck driver and was diabetic, making her particularly vulnerable to the virus. Doctors said people with underlying conditions such as diabetes, chronic lung disease, and asthma are at higher risk.

Her father-in-law, Gustavo Lopez, barely got out of the barbecue to CNN. But he felt incredibly social and isolated, and when the government lifted some restrictions, he decided to visit his friends.

“He instantly became a friend wherever he went,” Lopez said. “He missed his friends and missed his family. So as soon as he lifted some of his restrictions, he went to this meeting to be with his friends and that was the result.”

A friend at the party reached Macias to say she had a coronavirus and was aware of the diagnosis when she attended the meeting, but she didn’t think she could get infected with no symptoms.

“Our understanding is that a gentleman called him and said,” I was at the party, I knew I was positive. I didn’t tell anyone, “Lopez said.” I think the gentleman regretted not telling everyone and called on people to recommend testing them. “

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Macias was upset, but even blamed herself for a mistake in the judiciary, even using the Facebook post to warn her friends about the dangers of the virus. Lopez said that about a dozen people who attended the party did a positive test.

Macias was tested on June 15, got the positive result of June 18, and died on June 21. Riverside Vital Records Office, died of coronavirus.

There are more than 18,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and about 460 deaths in Riverside County. It has the second highest case in the state after Los Angeles County.

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