This Tesla Gigafactory puts Beats Without Sound, Razer 3 and OnePlus 10 Pro in sight

Didn’t have time to follow the news yesterday? Here’s Tuesday, January 11th: It pauses a bit at startup for Tesla’s European Gigafactory, Apple beats the sound of Beats, Motorola doesn’t give up on the Foldable and the Oppo Find N appears. In order not to miss any news, consider subscribing to the Franroid newsletter.

Motorola always has the resources to make a Fold

Among the pioneers of the flip cell phone several decades ago, Motorola made a comeback a few years ago with its Razr, a smartphone with a modern foldable screen. But there was no success in the face of Samsung’s hegemony. That doesn’t stop the firm and according to the XDA Developers site, another model is in the pipeline.

Tesla Starts Its Berlin Gigafactory With Some Difficulty

At its new Berlin site, Tesla intends to produce 500 Tesla Model Ys per week for a month, thanks to outrage from German authorities. But the US manufacturer is still awaiting final approval from the land to begin mass production of electric cars.

muting for beats speakers

Apple has decided to stop Pills + Whistle and stop marketing the iconic Beats speaker. The Beats catalog now only has headphones and headphones.

Getting started: Oppo Find N

Recently unveiled, the Oppo Find N has passed through our hands for the first glimpse. This foldable smartphone has something to attract with its small size and high-end promises.

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