This deceptive optical illusion that unfolds on a dangerous TikTok challenge

A task is far less dangerous than its motivation. Shortly after the peak of popularity of the challenge called the “Milk Crate Challenge” (“cassis de lait challenge” in French) on TikTok, an artist allowed Americans to have fun in a safe way.

The trend on Tiktok was to climb stairs made of milk crates. While the whole thing may seem relatively innocuous, undertaking this challenge could prove dangerous, and many injuries have been recorded. In the United States, many doctors have even begged Internet users to shut down.

But in Maple Grove, Minnesota, everything is safer. A feat made possible by artist Naomi Haverland. He painted a street using chalk, a stack of colorful boxes of stunning realism. In a video posted on the social network, we can see several passersby enjoying the “climb” to believe in their success.

A fun way to hijack a very dangerous challenge that has been going on on Tiktok for several days. The platform had no option but to remove the hashtags used by internet users to find the video in question. A way to make the exercise less visible to everyone.

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