Think tank says “flatten” cost close to 2 tons of German reunification

Life expectancy in UK cities is among the lowest in Western Europe. The life expectancy of women in the UK ranks 17th compared to the countries of the European Union (83.1 years) compared to Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. On average, a woman lives in Glasgow, 88 in Madrid, and 87 in Lyon, Toulouse and Nantes.

“We’ve had this north-south divide for at least 85 years. It’s a huge challenge,” said Paul Swine, policy director at the Center for Cities.

A preliminary analysis of the leveling white paper to be published in the autumn is pending. It is a major focus of the revival of Boris Johnson’s Tory fortune following his victory in the Labor “Red Wall” constituency in 2019.

Zwini said that after the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, the federal government needed the same amount of money to rebuild the GDR.

The cost is estimated at 1.7 trillion, with some German adults paying a solidarity surcharge.

“We are in some rounds of funding right now. A few good words about some of the locations and public ports,” Mr. Swain said.

“The East German example gives you a catch [assess] How far are we from this? When we’re miles apart – we are now – it’s uncomfortable. But when something much broader is what brings you closer, it’s actually closer to where you need it to be. “

The government has announced it will invest billions of pounds to revive parts of the UK, with 4.4 billion in compensation funds and 2.4 billion spread across 101 regions. City Fund.

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A government spokesperson said the white paper will show how new policy interventions can improve livelihoods across the country.

The UK has conducted more research than the other 28 OECD countries. Research has shown that Slovakia and Ireland are the only prosperous countries with the greatest disparity between regions.

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