There is a shortage of clowns in the UK too: the appeal of the circus

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September 30, 2021 at 7:45 pm

lack of Truck Driver I warehouse workers, with great effect Nervousness at petrol pumps. The UK now faces a shortage in another category, this time not essential in the business supply chain, but certainly essential in the entertainment sector. The country’s circus has complained of difficulties finding clowns actually willing to do shows.

as reported by BBCThe Covid-19 pandemic has caused a shortage of artists, as many of them returned to their countries of origin, as soon as the London government ordered the first lockdown in early 2020. Had he left the European Union, he would have found that he was dependent on foreign labor in many sectors, perhaps even in the entertainment sector. Aside from social distancing measures, the second factor that is now hindering the search for staff by the circus – which has been operating in the UK for months now – is actually the complicated bargaining of EU clowns and other performers.

“Until last week we were not able to get visas for artists and entertainers coming from EU countries,” he told the BBC. David DuffyThe owner of Duffy Circus. The circus company, operating primarily in Northern Ireland, has appealed to those who find themselves out of work and become clowns. But the job is not for everyone.

To be a clown, Duffy explained, you need to be “really able to adapt” to unforeseen situations. “When you enter the circus arena and you are in front of 700-800 people watching you, no matter what mood you are in, you have to light up that track,” said the entrepreneur. “You have to be able to read your audience, you have to establish a connection with, interact and ‘feed’ them in a matter of minutes”. To entice clowns wanting to apply, Duffy said he would only be asked to perform a short sketch during an online audition conducted by the owner of the circus.

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