The United States will host its first Men’s World Cup in 2031

“Today we have named three exceptional Rugby World Cup host nations – England, Australia and the United States – that offer unprecedented certainty and a unique opportunity to drive the growth and reach of rugby in the world”, the body said. Speaker Bill was delighted Beaumont. “The confirmation of these destinations is based on a new partnership approach to tournament delivery that will foster sustainable development, particularly in the United States and for women’s rugby, to help the sport fulfill its potential on and off the field. allowing significant socio-economic benefits for the host countries,” he said.

Like football before it, the Cousin Oval America wanted and got it. Almost forty years after football’s “World Cup USA 1994”, the Rugby World Cup would take place on the American continent. This is not the first, Canada has already hosted the Women’s World Cup in 2010, then won by the New Zealand Black Ferns.

Joe Biden in Support

“USA Rugby will now enter a new era and ensure that the sport’s most prestigious tournament is a springboard to ignite lasting enthusiasm and passion for the game of rugby from coast to coast,” said Ross Young, director general of the American Federation. remarks, which had personally received the endorsement of President Joe Biden in April.

England, which will host the 2025 women’s edition, has already played the host nation three times with the Women’s World Cup (2010) and two men’s (1991 and 2015). “We are delighted to host the 2025 Rugby World Cup, it’s going to be amazing” […] We will leave a lasting legacy for women’s rugby in England, the UK and around the world, attracting more players and new spectators,” pledged former England captain Sue Day, Director of Operations and Finance for the Federation of England (RFU).

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“As we have seen in previous World Cups on home soil, whether in cricket, hockey or netball, a Rugby World Cup will promote the women’s game as a whole. The tournament will also have significant economic benefits for the country as a whole,” she adds, as England prepares to host the Women’s Euro this summer.

Australia as a regular

It would also not be the first “Down Under”, as Australia had already hosted the first Men’s World Cup in 1987 (along with New Zealand) and again in 2003. “It is a historic day for rugby in Australia. We are delighted to host not one but two Rugby World Cups on our shores. It is a game-changer for rugby in this country, shaping the future of rugby here. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to revive and secure and watch the sport we all love and grow for years to come.” Congratulations to Rugby Australia President Hamish McLennan.

The 2027 men’s edition will be the first in the Southern Hemisphere since the 2011 edition was contested in New Zealand. England and Japan hosted 2015 and 2019 respectively. France will organize the next one in 2023.

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