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Across the channel, the worst is yet to come. The Kovid-19 case has reached an all-time high due to the proliferation of new variants. The UK government no longer knows how to slow the spread. Despite a tight control imposed on 4 January, approximately 7,000 people died of coronovirus last week. And every week hundreds of new patients are hospitalized. Currently, there are 35,000 in hospital beds in the United Kingdom, including just 7,600 in London, which has become a hub of infection. Mayor Sadiq Khan has declared the capital “major event”, 8 January. A type of emergency that makes it possible to mobilize the entire public service. This is for Chris Hopeson, CEO of National Health Service Providers “quite clear” The rate of infection will not decrease as fast in the spring, as new stresses which spread rapidly. Pressure on hospitals should be reduced “Between the beginning and middle of February” He predicts.

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But the hospital staff is already tired. “The situation is really serious. In my department, 20 people are infected. In the second, we reach 80%, Assured a nurse at a hospital in London. We must rearrange the rooms to accommodate the surplus. “ This means less space for people suffering from other diseases or for accident victims. To relieve congestion in hospitals, “No solution will be found”, Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Sky News on Wednesday morning. London’s Field Hospital, NHS Nightingale Hospital, has reopened and begun to take patients. Retirement homes will now welcome the sick. Others will be transferred to hotels with the help of voluntary organizations, medical staff and the military. The London Hotel Group has started welcoming patients to King’s College Hospital, its best western hotel in South London. The hotel group, which is said to be in discussions with about twenty hospitals, can provide 5,000 beds. “We are trying to provide a lifeline at this critical moment” The director explained to Meher Nawab.

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In London, the mayor is asking the government for even more restrictive measures, such as wearing mandatory masks on the streets. In Scotland, the chief executive, Nicola Sturgeon, also announced new restrictions, which should come into effect from Saturday. Finally Ireland, in confinement since December, faces a «Tsunami de infection», In the words of Prime Minister Michael Martin. On Monday, the country recorded the highest number of Kovid cases in Europe: 1,288 cases per million inhabitants. The new variant will also be included there.

Nina Guerreau de Lamarie Interim in the United Kingdom

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