The Success of “Control” Secures Its Suite with Big Budgets

Reaching audiences on August 27, 2019, Studio Remedy Entertainment’s most recent title, ‘Control’, has managed to woo over ten million gamers around the world, ensuring the receipt of its long-awaited sequel A huge thank you. increase in its budget.

Remedy Entertainment announced the results on August 13 via a mid-year report on the state of the business published on its official website, revealing that the sequel to “Control”, which had been hinted last year, was previously It is in full development ever since.

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“Control” is a third-person action shooter in which the player takes on the role of Jesse Faden, a woman with the appearance of an inter-dimensional being on her journey through “The Immortal House”, a wonderful building. The giant that houses it is a secret agency in charge of controlling objects of great power, which have been invaded by a dark force called “The Hiss”.

“‘Control’ has reached a tremendous audience, played by over ten million players,” said the article by a Remedy spokesperson. “Growing audiences and brand awareness is invaluable as we continue to support ‘Control’ and grow ‘Condor’ as we begin to design futuristic, big-budget games on ‘Control.’.”

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“Condor” is the code name that the team at Remedy Entertainment is using in developing a variant of “Battle Royale” set in the same universe as “Control”, which will be re-released under the 505 game label. Franchise director Mikel Kasurinen has confirmed the making of the so-called “big budget sequel”, which has no release date as of today.

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“We know there will be skepticism about multiplayer. But we believe we can create a shared experience without compromising the unique DNA of who we are or the stories we want to tell,” the producers said in a statement to Remedy Entertainment. Said in, which also holds “Pawn,” a cooperative game. Free, in development.

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