The special forces did “exemplary work” by snatching the suspected tanker and the workers are now safe, the minister said. UK News

Matt Hancock said authorities did an “exemplary job” of rescuing Kruti by ship and hijacking an ICC Titus Isle of Wight.

Seven people have been arrested after about 116 Special Boat Service (SBS) commandos Neve climbed Andromeda Sunday night and the ship regained control.

“I can make sure the crew is safe and the operation to secure the ship has been completed successfully,” Mr Hancock told Sky News.

Reports say Nav Andromedia has been hijacked.  Photo: MarinetteFacity / Arthur George Terry
Nav Andromeda safely docked at Southampton on Monday morning Peak: Marine Trophy / Earth Earth George Terry

He added: “I want to pay tribute to the police and the armed forces who have done such exemplary work … this is what trains them and they have done this to protect our country and they have done such a high standard.”

Hampshire Police Report received The ship set sail for Southampton just after 10am on Sunday, shortly after taking off from Lagos, Nigeria, with “a number of stoveways” aboard and making a “verbal threat to the crew.”

The attack on the tanker was approved by Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace and Home Secretary Preeti Patel The MOD said in response to “suspected hijacking” and after ten hours of tension.

Two Royal Navy Wildcat helicopters were involved, including SBS and two Royal Navy Marilyn helicopters.

Alistair Bunkal, a defense correspondent for Sky News, said the “textbook” operation was “quite rapid” and was militarily known as “Flash to Bang”.

Within seven minutes it was over, sea risk expert Chris Parry told Sky News, the commandos were given ropes on board.

The 228-meter-long ship arrived in the port of Southampton early Monday morning, according to maritime tracking websites.

The Defense Ministry said: “In response to the police request, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Interior gave permission to navigate a ship on the English Channel to save the lives of armed forces personnel and to protect the ship that was suspected of being hijacked.

“Armed forces have taken control of the ship and seven people have been detained.

“The police investigation will now continue. Preliminary reports confirm the crew is safe and sound.”

SBS is the Royal Navy’s elite maritime counterterrorism unit, with most of its staff being Royal Marine Commandos, the MOD said, adding that “specializing in daring operations to exploit the element of surprise.”

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‘Hijacked’ tanker docks in Southampton

SBS operations are highly classified and have not been officially confirmed, but when the Stoveys operated Amok on a cargo ship in the Thames Isturia in December 2018, the ship’s operator said they were detained after SBS crew was on board.

On Sunday, MS Patel said: “Tonight we are grateful to our police and armed forces who were able to bring this situation under control, guaranteeing the safety of all those present on board and taking swift and decisive action.”

Hampshire police said the ship was about six miles off the coast of Bambridge, Isle of Wight, before the armed forces took action, adding: . “

An outer zone with a radius of three miles was placed around a ship, and at noon two Coastguard helicopters circled the ship.

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