The Science Turbine at Kran Jewar hosts an electrostatic stand at the Palais de la Decoverte

La Turbine Sciences designs new videos on electrostatics

The science turbine is still closed, but the team continues to design new videos on electrostatics.

Since September, La Turbine has hosted an electrostatic stand at the Palais de la Decoverte and offers the public the opportunity to experience it from home!

A series of 5 episodes are broadcast every two weeks from February until now.

Tutorials on electrostatics to share with all those curious about science!

Online and upcoming videos:

To follow her channel Youtube, Or on their page Facebook (Friday night) :

  • Episode # 1: Impact Event (Already Online)
  • Episode # 2: Effets de Contact
  • Episode # 3: Electric Arc and Lightning Rod
  • Episode # 4: Peak Effect
  • Episode # 5: Faraday Cage and Total Impact

Science on show, a stand at Palais de la Découverte

This activity (available until the end of June 2021 in La Turbine Science) is the itinerary and designed by the Palais de la DeCoverte. While some electrostatic phenomena are familiar to us, others cannot be explained.

So, why can anyone get a shock by touching the body of their car? Why do we have electric hair when we comb our hair? Why do two balloons rub off with each other with a woolen cloth? …

Then the public can be electrified (without risk!) And the great experience playing with electric charges, to highlight the nature of electricity, capacitor theory, electric force …

These various experiments conducted by the scientific intermediaries of La Turbine Science are thus presented in video form and divided into 5 thematic episodes. Continues to share with our audience while waiting for our team to reopen a path

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