The prime minister had no choice but to end the lockdown, but his own lawmakers hated the new restrictions. Politics news

The Prime Minister knew that he would not be able to run the English national lockdown outside December 2nd.

He may have a majority of 60, but if he tries to extend this four-week lockdown, his opposition will not only isolate him, but also condemn him, putting his already troubled prime minister in a deeper crisis.

Instead, the prime minister made the announcement on Monday Kavid winter plan With a new tiered system.

Concerns about the economic and social downturn were discounted for his party and those in his cabinet: shops, gyms and hair and beauty salons are open across all levels while the 10-hour curfew will be extended to 11pm – high-stakes Christmas Run up the road.

But if the Prime Minister gives with one hand, take it with the other. The pay-off for coming out of the English lockdown and relaxing some of the restrictions for a few days over Christmas is that the levels we will be under are more severe and long lasting.

The hard way forward extends to Christmas, New Year and the first three months of 2012 until Easter on April 4th.

These measures are hard for the public to accept and the MPs are resisting them. At least Bor0 is deeply dissatisfied with Boris Johnson’s own backbacher action package and claims that the government could publish a cost-benefit analysis for each of the restrictions that the government has proposed to introduce.

On Monday evening, a rebel told me: “Members of Parliament, we will continue to fight until we get a vote. The problem with the Prime Minister is that the public has done that you are not particularly dangerous when you are under 60?”

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“Young people are losing a year of their lives and facing dire economic prospects … It’s very difficult to see how he will get me to stand in this line.”

And this debate could outline not only in parliament, but across the country later on when which part of the country is at what level.

The Prime Minister himself admitted on Monday that these levels would be more stringent and would be in most of the higher bands in the country.

It will be a battleground, where the health secretary has decided on the advice of the chief medical officer in the areas where the cabinet has taken over the cabinet level, the number of cases in more than 60s, considering the local pressure on the NHS. .

MPs and local leaders and businessmen will be horrified to see the possibility of returning to Tier 3 by closing down bars, restaurants, museums, galleries and other indoor entertainment. And any mix outside of your home is limited to parks and public spaces.

Labor has not publicly pledged to support these measures. Like Mr. Johnson’s own MPs, they are waiting to see more details of this level system and what financial support measures they will take.

If the prime minister’s four-month CVD winter plan passes behind the Labor vote rather than the Conservatives, it will be quite a few – a reflection of his party’s deep divisions over the conduct of the second wave of the epidemic.

There is some hope for spring with the possibility of at least three new vaccines on the horizon

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But then and now there is a severe winter for our economy as well as our livelihood.

And with the change in health, the outlook for public health will become a cornerstone, the economy will pay the price. It is not surprising that the Prime Minister has to work hard politically to get these steps across the line.

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