The North Face announces new partnership with LGBTQ+ association

the North Face It has always been recognized that exploration has the power to create new relationships between people and generate positive change. However, even today the road to involving the outside world seems daunting, and this has to change. on the occasion of pride monthThe brand wants to celebrate all who share a passion for the outdoors A range of initiatives aimed at supporting LGBTQ+ communities Those who love sports and exploring the world around us.

commitment will be expressed in a Fundraising for some European LGBTQ+ associations: For each product in the new Pride Collection sold, 1 Euro will be donated to groups that are committed to promoting inclusion through passion for sport and the outdoors.

The North Face announces new partnership with a fundraiser to support LGBTQ+ associations and change

In Italy, The North Face has chosen to collaborate with GAYCS, National Department of AICS, Italian Culture Sports Federation, who coordinates activities on the national territory for the region LGBT. GAYCS is committed to building a clear network throughout the Italian region that first of all correlates those realities LGBTQ+ who are already working in the social and sports sector of AICS.

“On the occasion of Pride 2021, GAYCS is pleased to announce a partnership with The North Face Brand: Together for the Union for LGBTQ+ Rights in Italy and to Promote Sports and Outdoor Activities as a Moment of Comparison For, … never stop to find out. With GAYCS all different, all the same!” Comments Adriano Bartolucci Proetti, GAYCS National Coordinator.

The North Face strongly believes in the power of visibility and for this reason it will use its platform and communication channels to give a voice to the people and associations that are committed to giving others a chance to speak, share with the brand. Willingness to be an active part of change.

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The initiative, promoted by The North Face, will take place throughout the month of June. From athletes to explorers, from photographers to designers, everyone can join in to contribute to this change.

In addition to the Italian Association, the Berlin Association “Queer Climb” and “The Marc Scott Leadership for Life Award”, partners of The Outward Bound in the United Kingdom, are also involved in the project.

These partnerships aim to create greater opportunities for participation and participation in the outside world for all in the years to come.

The North Face is proud to support the LGBTQ+ community and the amazing work many people do to make a real difference to the outside world.

More information about the associations involved:

The new Pride collection, which offers T-shirts, shorts and tank tops, is available at

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