The New Gmail Interface: How To Activate It

Gmail users, be ready for change! Google invites you to try out the new interface it’s designed for your email now, before rolling it out to everyone by the summer of 2022.

[Mise à jour le 10 mars 2022 à 17h30] Gmail is getting a makeover. The interface of Google’s messaging service, which has changed relatively little in recent years, is getting a redesign to better integrate the US giant’s other services, notably Chat, Meet and Spaces. As Google points out on its blog, it’s not a question of revolutionizing the general environment of Gmail, but of giving it a little fresh air with a touch of modernity while improving its ergonomics. Small changes that also bring the interface and operation of the messaging model adopted by Microsoft to its service. It should also be noted that this reorganization pertains only to the web version of the service, which is used on computers with an Internet browser. The Gmail mobile application, which develops in parallel but independently, is based on a more “compact” interface, designed for “vertical” displays on the screens of smartphones and tablets.

What’s changing in Gmail?

There’s nothing fancy about Gmail’s new look. The organization and display of messages remain unchanged. There are innovations to be found in the integration of other services. As of now, Hangouts, instant messaging, has been limited to discussions with a small renaming at the bottom left of the interface. And the video conferencing tool, Google Meet, reveals itself with a simple link. With the new interface, new buttons appear in the column on the left side of the window. For chat, instant messaging, Meet and even Space, the tool that allows you to quickly share a link, a video or a document with a group of contacts, thus easy direct access Finds their location in Gmail for . In addition, these buttons are decorated with notification badges as soon as an event occurs (invitation to chat or videoconferencing, new email, etc.).


When will the Gmail interface change?

Starting February 8th, Google is inviting its users to try the new version of Gmail to get a clearer picture of how it works. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to the interface you know today. The new interface will be offered by default to all Gmail users from April. Again, it will be possible to revert to the current model through a setting in the Gmail settings. However, by the end of the second quarter of 2022, all users will have to adopt and accept the new interface, with no possibility of going back.


Who is impressed with the new Gmail interface?

Almost everyone will be able to adopt the new Gmail interface. Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus users as well as those running G Suite Basic or Business. Only users of Google Workspace Essentials are excluded – at least at the moment.

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How to activate the new Gmail interface?

American has started rolling out the new Gmail interface. You can activate it already… provided you make a small adjustment. Here’s how to access it.

Open Gmail from your normal web browser and log in to your account. click on toothed wheel at the top right of the interface. The Quick Setup menu expands. At this point, two possibilities can arise. Either the option to access Gmail’s new interface is displayed or it is absent.

If the option for the new Gmail interface is present

just click on the link Try the New Gmail View,

In the dialog box that appears, click the button refresh,

The Gmail page reloads. A floating window explains the changes made to the interface. click on Ok And enjoy the new environment.

If the new interface option is unavailable

Click the link View All Parameters from menu immediate management,

In the page that appears, click the tab chat and meet,

From the proposed options, check the box google chat,

Click Ok in the dialog box that pops up and then on the button save Changes,

Your inbox page reloads. click again toothed wheel To expand the menu of immediate management, This time around, here’s a link to take advantage of the new Gmail display. All you have to do is click on it.

How to go back to the old Gmail interface?

Not convinced with the new interface? You can go back and return to the performance you knew until then. However, beware, Google will activate its new design by default next April and it will also become mandatory by the end of the second quarter of 2022.

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Click toothed wheel To expand the menu of immediate management, To go back, click on the link Return to original Gmail view,

A dialog box pops up. Give reasons why you want to go back and validate. The Gmail page reloads. You find the classic interface.

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