The Last of Us: PS5 Remake is almost ready and will arrive in 2022

It’s becoming clearer for the PS5 remake the last of us, almost done on his famous game with Naughty Dog. Availability will be in 2022.

remake of the last of us on PS5 for this year

Bloomberg was the first to announce the existence of this remake the last of us In 2021, as part of a more comprehensive article on how Sony’s focus on blockbusters was causing problems for various teams at PlayStation Studios. The remake would have been initially developed by a small team from the Visual Arts Service Group, before being moved to Naughty Dog.

Today Tom Henderson, a man who has a good knowledge of many sports, report good the evolution of that ps5 remake the last of us is nearing completion and release is likely in the second half of 2022. The VGC site independently verifies the information from its own sources.

the last of us The light of day was first seen on PlayStation 3 in June 2013. There was a remastered version on PlayStation 4 in 2014. This includes games and DLC. A remake is now being produced and will apparently only be available on PlayStation 5. In other words, each generation of console would be entitled to its own version.

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