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“The Heir of the Night” is a popular, internationally co-produced with NDR, a series blatantly outstanding in cinema quality. Both seasons of Vampire Story for children aged 10 years and above will be re-aired on NDR Television from 19 to 21 December.

by Katja Isbach

In addition, the episodes will be in packs of five from December 20 to January 19, 2021 In ARD Media Library and in KIKA Player.

Not only has the vampire been a popular literary subject since the “Twilight” books by Stephenie Meyer. The focus of the six-part series, “The Heir of the Night” by German author Ulrike Schwickert, is also on the vampire. These books form the literary basis for the internationally produced series of the same name, which NDR helped develop and produce. “The Heir of the Night” celebrated its television premiere in late October 2020, followed by season two of the award-winning series in early 2021.

“The Heir of the Night” – vampire series in the setting of 1889

Alisa (Anastasia Martin, center) is the heir to the Hamburg vampire clan known as the Vamalia.

The first episode “The Spark Awakens” starts off promisingly and quite appropriately: There are two wooden coffins in a tastefully furnished children’s room. When one of them opens, a young girl appears. Alisa, heir to the Hamburg vampire clan, Wamaliya.

It is the year 1889 and vampires live across Europe among the human population. But they are threatened by the so-called red masks that hunt them:

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We don’t need to be afraid of them here. – Yes, because they keep growing. Trust me, they will come here too. (…) And then it’s over.
– They will destroy you. Your clan and everyone else too.
Dialogue from “Heirs of the Night”

Five vampires total train their successors together

Episode 3: Adventure without parents begins for the school ship Joan, Tamo, Alisa and the other heirs © Lemming Film

Vampire adventures begin on the training ship “Elizabetha” – without parents.

There are still five vampires in total across Europe and to ensure their survival, the leaders decide to train their successors together from now on. And so the vampires of the younger generation will soon meet on the training ship “Elizabetha”.

The series is a huge international project. Actors mainly come from Great Britain, Norway and Germany. Norwegian Television as well as Dutch and Belgian companies were involved in the development and production of the series.

Speicherstadt Rebuilt for a Massive Project in Rigas

Work on the project has been going on since 2011 and NDR has been a part of it since its inception. The result of the co-production is impressive, says Sandra LeBlanc, editor in charge of NDR: “It’s of very high quality. We tried to work with special effects, but also put a lot of effort into the actors in the acting. Select the design.” . ” A lot has been rebuilt in Riga, says the editor. “The interior of the ship and the Hamburg warehouse district have also been rebuilt there. We tried to design the sets in such a way that they fit the year 1889 as authentically as possible.,

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Indeed, “The Heir of the Night” is a visually stunning series in dramatic quality. The pictures are gorgeous, the story is complex and told at high speed. It’s the best entertainment for the intended target group, believes LeBlanc: “We believe the program is suitable for children as young as ten years old. And then of course the ending is open. Certainly many There are mothers and grandmothers and grandparents who like to be there and watch with the kids – if they allow it.”

Episode 11: A gathering of red masks are found behind these walls © Lemming Film

The danger of the Red Mask to vampires is everywhere.

Hamburg’s vampire girl Alisa has never seen daylight, she is strictly forbidden to leave the apartment. The danger from red masks is much greater. But Alisa’s curiosity is high:

I can not help it. I want to know it. See what’s there. Then maybe I don’t feel so different anymore.
Alisa in “The Heir of the Night”

Alisa is identified as a vampire on her forbidden excursion and has to flee with her family. Eventually she too lands on the training ship “Elisabeth” and gets to know the heirs of the other clans. A friendship develops and together they go into battle against their enemies.

Season two of “Heir of the Night” from 19 December on NDR Television and ARD Media Library

An “Heir of the Night” televised marathon is coming up for fans! Because both seasons will air again in full on NDR Television! Season 1, Sunday December 19th at 0.05am all night long. Season 2 then spread over two nights on December 20 and 21. Episodes can then be viewed sequentially in packs of five per day in the ARD Media Library and KiKA Player starting December 20th. The exact broadcast dates are given below.

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further information

open mouth girl with vampire teeth

The NDR young vampire series impressed the children’s jury of “Golden Spatzn”. He honed the episode “The Spark Awakens”. more

Episode 8: Leo (Ulrich William Gresley), Alisa (Anastasia Martin) and Ivy (Isling Sharkey) live together © Lemming Film

International success for “Heirs of the Night”. The Young Vampire series was nominated for the “International Emmy Kids Award”. more

Episode 24: Alisa and her friends have a new plan © Lemming Film

What is season 2 of the Teen Vampire series about? NDR editor Sandra Le Blanc-Marisal reveals details and background. more

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