The first season of multiplayer will be themed Halo Reach

The theme for the first multiplayer season of Halo Infinity will be “Heroes of Reach”. “

The news was revealed in this month’s Inside Infinite blog on the Hello Waypoint site. Joseph Staten, head of production for Halo Infinite, insisted that in addition to Master Chief, 343 wants the player to feel “at the very heart of the Halo universe”. “

This campaign to bring players into the story will begin “with the launch of the first multiplayer season of Halo Infinite”, called 343 Heroes of Reach. “Central to our goals is to deeply root your multiplayer character in the Halo universe and to give him a significant and active role in the upcoming Halo story,” Staten said.

343 isn’t ready to share all the details on how it plans to implement the project, but has explained why it’s calling the season Heroes of Reach. “Access has a rich history; It is a major storyline for the former Spartans and a focal point for the new generation of Spartans as they prepare to face the dangers and mysteries of a galaxy that has been radically changed after the events of Halo 5. Staten says. “The first multiplayer season of Halo Infinity takes place at a transformative moment in Halo history, at the pivot point between one generation of heroes and the next.”

“Right now, your multiplayer hero is waiting outside the stage, ready to fight and jump into the action,” says Staten. “And its epic story is yet to be told. “

It’s mysterious. Based on Staten’s description, it looks like the first season will be a flashback to the events of Reich and his generation of heroes for the period ahead of the events of Halo 5. This appears to be the starting point. A new group of heroes, our multiplayer Spartans, in a narrative that will evolve as 343 provides post-launch support for Halo Infinity.

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Halo Reach was released in 2010 and tells the story of the downfall of Planet Reach through the eyes of a group of legendary supersoldiers called the Noble Team. It is a prequel, the story of which is directly related to the beginning of the story of Master Chief in 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo Infinite is currently scheduled for the end of 2021

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