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“The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is a novel that has been adapted several times for cinema. In 1931, the work was the subject of the film “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson, published in 1886. The feature film will be the first in a long line of films based on the novel.

And soon, a new adaptation based on the story of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will see the light of day. This feature film titled Doctor Jekyll is directed by Joe Stephenson. For short anecdote, the latter had the idea for the project during his imprisonment in the United Kingdom. The film is produced by Hammer Studios. Christian Engermeyer serves as executive producer.

A few days ago, Doctor Jekyll got his first poster.

A poster that shrugs your spine

In this new adaptation, Eddie Izzard plays Doctor Jekyll. The latter is particularly known for playing Ocean’s Thirteen and Across the Universe. On the poster for Doctor Jekyll, we can see his silhouette above a disturbing shadow. It’s probably from Hyde.

On the poster, the film presents itself as a modern adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic. Thanks to this poster, we get to know that the feature film is currently in post-production. At present, it is not known when the film will be released in theatres.

A Quick Look at the Summary

This adaptation won’t stray too far from Stevenson’s novel. Doctor Jekyll will tell the story of Nina Jekyll. This reclusive woman befriends her new assistant, Rob, played by Scott Chambers.

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Together, Rob and Nina will join forces to fight the dreaded Hyde, who is none other than Nina’s evil personality. For his part, Hyde only wants one thing: to destroy Nina’s life.

Eddie Izzard said to himself “too excited” To cast Nina Jekyll in this feature film. For his part, Joe Stephenson was full of praise for the actress. For that, there’s Eddie Izzard “An extraordinary and versatile actress. »

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