The famous GoldenEye of the N64 could be making a comeback

After the abandoned remaster, the title developed by Rare may well know a new version on Xbox.

007 is back

According to the Twitter account of the leaker @Wario64, A list of new in-game unlockable trophies has been discovered on Xbox Live, Which may indicate that a new version of the game is in the works.

As a reminder, Microsoft, which bought Rare Studio, was already planning a remaster., but the beneficiaries of the franchise at the time, notably MGCG as well as Nintendo, were confronted. But as the VentureBeat site points out, the situation has changed in recent months.

,Nintendo wants to encourage more people to subscribe to its Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack service for $50 a year. Nintendo 64 games are the key to this sales pitch, and Rare is an important part of the most memorable games in this catalogue.”, explains the site. ,This means that Nintendo needed something from Microsoft, which gave the Xbox team the bargaining chip they needed to move forward again for GoldenEye 007.,

Apparently it’s just a rumor at the moment, but according to the capture shared on Twitter, it’s never been so solid. It remains to be seen whether the game will (eventually) see the light of day, and whether it will be offered to the delight of fans on both Xbox and Switch.

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