The Diet That Relieves Your Migraines!


Say goodbye to your recurring painful migraines that you never had a solution for. There is actually a diet that can give you great relief. You might not know, but some vegetables can help in reducing migraine to a great extent.

Green vegetable-based fad diets have amazing benefits for recurring migraines. In a study published in the journal bmj case reportScientists say they have discovered a link between diet and migraines. It has been established that a patient who had been suffering from severe headache for many years successfully got rid of his migraine.

Solution: Adopting a plant-based diet, especially lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables, was enough. While he was having about 4-6 seizures per month, at age 60, his doctor advised him to follow a strict diet called “eat low-inflammatory foods every day.” Studies have reported that certain foods such as egg whites, salmon or iced tea can trigger migraines.

These vegetables work wonders!

According to this study, these green vegetables can dramatically increase beta-ketone (similar to vitamin A) levels and reduce chronic inflammation, as reported in the journal Health. Results: After a follow-up of about two months, the person found that the migraines were significantly reduced. He had migraines 1 day per month, having previously found himself unwell with 4 to 6 monthly attacks.

Thus, flavored green leafy vegetables, we find: spinach, kale, watercress and broccoli. It has been said that these vegetables can be cooked and eaten, and they can also be eaten in smoothies, juices or raw. For greater effectiveness of this extraordinary treatment that has gone viral, it is recommended to limit the consumption of red meat, dairy products, oils and animal proteins.

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