The country that provides its radio telescope to foreign scientists

The country that provides its radio telescope to foreign scientists

A certain country has built a giant radio telescope with a size of 500 meters, and is currently the only radio telescope that can detect beats in the universe. The country has promised to allow foreign scientists to use its radio telescope from 1 April.

China Times Global reported that China will open its 500-meter radio telescope to the global scientific community from 1 April. The “Sky Eye” satellite dish is a large telescope with a large hole that will be used to detect pulses and more.

It will also sometimes be used to explore life on other planets. According to China’s Xinhua News Agency, foreign scientists will be able to apply online at China’s National Astronomical Observatories.

After analysis, observational hours of foreign scientists will be distributed from 1 August. According to China’s chief engineer Jiang Peng, about 10 percent of the observations will be allocated to foreign scientists this year.

The Chinese Radio Telescope was officially launched on January 11, 2020. However, it has observed the universe and has detected 240 pulses so far. One of the most important pulsars in the Messier 92 star group was discovered.

It is a so-called millisecond pulsar that rotates around the axis at 18,990 RPM, while aspirating and emptying the fluid from its companion star.

The Sky Eye in China is the largest fast telescope in the world and the only one that is still able to see such beats after the Aresibo radio telescope crashed in Puerto Rico.

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The US National Science Foundation said it would demolish the Aresibo radio telescope, but the observatory could be rebuilt as Puerto Rico rebuilt 8 million.

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