The comedy that saved Europe, behind the scenes of “Parliament”

Finally, a little rest. Journalists usually ask him about fishermen’s rights or the migration crisis, and Clement Bunin They should be served with a whole range of more or less repeating elements of the language. But no, this evening, the Secretary of State for European Affairs is “cool”, with Coke Zero on the table. He barely asks me if I have been vaccinated. we come to meet him to talk about him Parliament, a hilarious series that goes behind the scenes of European institutions. He loves. even he talked to Emmanuel Macron, And he made an appearance in the new season aired on the French television site. “Oh not much,” he said, with a younger actor’s smile, just two scenes. We are surprised. not him. “I said yes right away,” she continues. That’s great, you have to see this series! ,

You have to pinch yourself to believe it. After years of pleasurable campaigns and record high voter turnout, it seems a group of writers have found a way to keep Europeans interested in Europe. His Secret: A Television Object Between Officethe benchmark for office humor, and Veep, an edgy political satire from the Vice President of the United States. “An Unexpected Success”, for the Daily el paiso, “A new light on Brussels”, headlines Guardian, The pitch can be summed up in one sentence: A young parliamentary assistant wants to pass an amendment on the poaching of sharks in community waters. That said, nothing to get excited about. But on screen it makes for a funny and powerful comedy about the real life of Eurocrates.

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It all starts in 2013. Noah Debre Then the screenwriter-star’s apprentice is Thomas Bidegain, He is 27 years old, comes from Strasbourg, where he is not far from the parliament, among the flags of the member states, with Germany a few tram stations away. He wants to write films, knows the Coen brothers’ films by heart, but is also keenly interested in Europe, when his generation dreams of a start-up in California or a trip to Thailand. Furthermore, when France said no to the constitution in 2005, they did not understand. Just as it took him a while to appreciate his mentor’s jokes about a keychain shaped like an EU flag, he keeps with him as a childhood gift.

wings of discord

In 2013, he met the famous producer Fabien Servan-Schreiberwhose husband, Henry Weber, a caiquette of the Socialist Party, was then a MEP. He also sometimes recounts anecdotes about life in parliament and is surprised that no one is interested… Present Pass and Noe have an idea: to talk well about Europe, to her. Have to write a comedy. But yes, of course, a series on Parliament, they excite. to dig. The screenwriter talks about it again with a production assistant, Lily Lambert (the previous screenwriter for the second season). They share a taste for British satire, are from the same post-Erasmus generation and make this observation: a decade has passed. spanish tavern Of cedric klapischo, and no more multicultural comedy. An emptiness is felt. They’re going to kick out the broadcasters. But yes, of course, a comedy about Europe … “No one believed it”, assures Lily Lambert, or approx. A few months later, Canal + Channel is seduced and agrees to move the first fund.

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Beginning of journey. Noé and Lille travel back and forth between Paris and Brussels, meeting parliamentarians from all sides, having coffee with their assistants. Everyone is happy to have a young screenwriter who finally listens to them and asks them questions. They learn every day. Hey, the Democrats of Sweden are so right. One party is called The True Finns. At aperitifs, we meet in the lobby to nibble on breadsticks or drink Guinness. In short, he sees a huge storehouse of gags. The more gray and complicated it is, the more fun it is, he told himself. So when he finds an article calling for the prohibition of shark finningThis practice of catching sharks to bite their fins, he’s happy, is a good idea.

But basically, what to say? As he thinks of the American series, a pattern emerges. To be fair, the chain code should be reversed to the White House. “It’s an optimistic view of politics,” says Noe Debre. A young assistant confirms this vision to him: “Basically, I’m quite Eurosceptic, he talks to her, but here after three years, you’re enjoying it.”

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