The British press is concerned about the Queen, reduced by “mobility problems”, being forced to “hand over the reins”.

This is a very noticeable absence. And just as remarkable. Once not the custom, Queen Elizabeth II will not attend the opening of Parliament’s session this Tuesday, May 10, 2022. On Monday, she announced Monday evening that she would be replaced for the traditional speech by her son, Prince Charles. Throne.

If the Queen of England gives a traditional speech from the throne in an orderly manner – Government program in a ceremony with great fanfare-, So this is the first time she has missed the event in 59 years. Since the beginning of her reign, she has only missed this appointment twice: in 1959 and in 1963, when she was pregnant.

>> United Kingdom: According to a royal biographer, Queen Elizabeth’s absence for the throne speech marks “a kind of regency of the kingdom”

in a statement, Buckingham Palace thus states that “The Queen has persistent mobility issues and, after consulting with her doctors, has reluctantly decided not to attend the speech from the throne.“. And so it is clear that this decision has been made by the 96-year-old Queen herself. So it is her eldest son and designated heir, Charles, who will read the speech before MPs: this is the first time that he has been replaced by the Prince of Wales. Another symbol: By her side, she will have her son, Prince William, who will also one day be called to reign.

Soon, the British press was shaken by the situation, speaking of the passage of the baton, even a sort of regency. the Daily Metro Topic “hand over the reins“In one, a large picture of Elizabeth II and right next to her, the smaller one, Prince Charles.

TimesHer, titled Queen, would miss the opening of Parliament, slipping that she “An unprecedented event in recent history, which represents a significant shift in Charles’ responsibilities as heir to the throne.“. An observation shared by daily Telegraph.

The tone is far less diplomatic among the tabloids. when daily mail the question clearly arisesIs this the start of a regency for Charles?, sun give it a title”Taj… and out“Pun in the middle”remove his crown“and phrases”Saturate,

It must be said that the date of the last public appearance of Elizabeth II is last March 29, a religious service in tribute to her husband, Prince Philip, disappeared last year. Then she moved around on the arm of one of her children or with the help of a cane. In mid-February the emperor himself admitted that he “couldn’t move“, showing his left leg during the hearing in Windsor.

Since her brief hospitalization in October, Elizabeth II’s appearance has become exceedingly rare, although she continues to “light work“At Windsor Castle, mostly by videoconferencing.

What reinforces the concern of Her Majesty’s subjects: Less than a month later, on June 2, it is the celebration of the platinum jubilee of her 70 years of reign. Four days of historic celebrations across the country… and therefore, risk not seeing Elizabeth II and her colorful hats.

According to the latest information, everything will be decided at the last minute. We already know that if she shows up, she will be from a place brief and quiet. For some time, during a parade in his honour, he is expected to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in the heart of London, surrounded by a section of his family. Thousands of viewers and millions of viewers on television around the world would like to catch a glimpse of her vulnerable figure.

It must be said that a large majority of the British have known him only as a monarch. And her all-pervading presence only reinforces this aura: her face is on notes, stamps, the British are used to seeing her everywhere, all the time. Meeting heads of state, inaugurating a factory, decorating personalities… and it’s been going on for 70 years.

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