The airline continues its flights to Italy (but returns when the airport closes)

(CNN) – We are so excited that we can all do travel Still – German airline Eurowings may be more willing than most.

The low-cost carrier began servicing Italy from Sardinia, Düsseldorf, on Saturday – but Olbia Airport had to return to its destination as it was still closed.

The EW9844 flight began 730 miles (1,170km) from Sardinia’s Olbia Airport on the morning of May 23, but was in Sardinia airspace before being informed by the air traffic control that it was not open to commercial traffic.

The Airbus A320 hung in a holding pattern that hoped for a landing clearance, but without dice.

According to the Italian newspaper, a diversion was proposed to Cagliari, about 120 miles away. Corriere Della Serahowever, the flight crew chose to reduce their losses and return to Düsseldorf.

This small sightseeing tour in Western Europe took a total of four hours and ten minutes for the benefit of the two Sardinian passenger loads of the A320.

So how did this misunderstanding happen? “Against the background of the corona crisis, the situation at numerous airports in Europe is very dynamic,” an Eurowings spokesperson told CNN Travel.

“The vast amount of information provided about working hours or airport closings is often changed in a short time,” added the spokesperson and “daily changes to entry regulations in various countries”.

The confusion is focused on the Infrastructure and Transport Ministry, which reopened Italy’s airport on Sunday (May 17th), but this decision was rejected at the regional level on the same day. One mile at a time aviation blog.

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is currently closed until at least 2 June.

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The Eurowings spokesperson blames “a misunderstanding in combining relevant flight information”.

Both – the passengers were re-booked and, to say the least, they were able to do the social distance appropriately at least on the A320 trip last Saturday morning.

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