Tension between Tunis and Ankara: Tunisia condemns Turkish interference in its affairs

Tuesday, April 5, RT Erdogan criticized the decision taken last week to dissolve parliament, choosing to fly in the wings of Kasseyed, calling it a “Distortion to Democracy”. A move which he has condemned since its formation, in his eyes, “A source of concern for the future of Tunisia and a blow to the will of its people”. Turkish President fears developments in Tunisia “Does not harm the country’s efforts to establish democratic legitimacy and derail the electoral process”.

The Tunisian Ministry reacted quickly by issuing a press release in which it condemned “Unacceptable interference in internal affairs, which completely contradicts the principle of fraternal relations uniting two countries and peoples and of mutual respect between countries”. text that adds “While Tunisia adheres to the principles of its foreign policy and aspires to forge closer relations with brotherly and friendly countries based on cooperation, solidarity, consultation and mutual trust, it also adheres to its freedom of decision , and strongly rejects any attempt to interfere with its sovereignty and the choices of its people, or to question its democratic path, which does not reverse it ,


Foreign Ministry confirmed that Tunisia is “A free and independent country, and that the people are its sovereigns, and that only they are entitled to choose the path of real liberty which preserves its security and its dignity, maintains its rights, enjoys all its achievements”. attaches importance to, and breaks away from, the remnants of the past and the path of formal democracy that has nothing to do with the will of Tunisian men and women”.

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The next day on Wednesday, Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Othman al-Jarandi said on Twitter that he spoke on the phone with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Kavusoglu, and called on Ankara’s ambassador to Tunisia to reject Erdogan’s comments by his country. .

Of. Said later gave the tomb a lining where the remains of the father of Tunisian independence rest. , We will continue to build this country. I tell this historical tomb, there will be no looking back. We will continue to work with God’s help to complete the path to complete freedom for our people. He was the most outspoken in paying tribute to the father of freedom. , You all know that President Bourguiba – may he rest in peace – thought of foreign interference. Our sovereignty, our dignity and our pride come first. Our country is sovereign. people are sovereign He had hit the hammer.


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