Tennis, sand sailing, rugby … in pictures, Kate Middleton, the multi-sport Duchess

With cleats on her feet and balls at Twickenham Stadium, Kate Middleton is the new godmother of British rugby. (London, February 2, 2022.) Getty Images

As she threw herself into the field at Twickenham Stadium, this Wednesday, 2 February, British rugby’s new godmother is not her first sporting activity. In pictures, that time when we saw Kate Middleton indulge in sports. The real Olympics all by itself.

We saw him this Wednesday, February 2 at Twickenham Stadium with cramps in his legs and balls in his hands. But Kate Middleton, the new royal godmother of the British Rugby Federation and the national team, is not in her first game training. The Duchess of Cambridge has participated in other sporting activities several times over the years.

Kate Middleton’s Olympic Games

Kate plays cricket, Kate sails in a sand yacht, Kate absolves … She could be the heroine of a collection of albums. For example, on September 21, 2021, Prince William’s wife traveled to the Lake District area and tried mountain biking with Royal Air Force cadets. With the reopening of the Windermere Adventure Training Center a visit was organized to highlight the beneficial impact of nature and outdoor activities on young people.

In London last September, he teamed up with US Open winner Emma Radukanu, a new British tennis star. With smiles on their lips, the two young women then performed some good backhands and forehands. At the age of 40, the Duchess of Cambridge has carved a niche for herself in football, climbing, cricket and even football. The real Olympics all by itself.

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